Naked & Famous Fall/Winter 2013 Preview Part 1: New Denims!

Despite fall still being a ways down the road, we here at Blue Owl have had our eyes on a number of the Naked & Famous fall/winter 2013 items and we wanted to share some of our favorites.  This is going to be the first of 3 blog posts covering the N&F 2013 fall/winter preview.

Once again, Naked & Famous has put out yet another fantastic lineup packed full with their trademark innovation and creativity. While you won't be seeing many of these products until July, we wanted to give you an early look at what to expect from one of the premier denim labels available today.

Arctic Selvedge. Made from a mixed grey warp and charcoal weft, this 13oz denim has a unique ashy look. Super Skinny Guy and Weird Guy.

Elephant 3. The beast is back! This super heavyweight denim clocks in at 20oz and comes in a deep indigo selvedge with a beige overcast. Skinny Guy and Weird Guy.

Indigo Duck Selvedge. This lightweight 11oz denim comes in the same selvedge duck canvas fabric as the khaki variant, but this time in a beautiful indigo color. Skinny Guy and Weird Guy.

Jade Selvedge. This uniquely colored denim comes in a 13oz fabric that gives off a jade blue look with contrasting beige stitching. Skinny Guy and Weird Guy.

Midnight Selvedge. This 13oz denim features an indigo warp with black weft that can be seen when cuffed. Weird Guy.

Okayama Spirit. This premium 16oz unsanforized denim comes in a beautiful slubby indigo made with the finest materials from Okayama, Japan. Slim Guy, Supers Skinny Guy and Weird Guy.

Vintagecast Broken Twill Selvedge. This lightweight denim comes in a breathable 12.5oz antique blue fabric similar to the very popular Royalcast option. Skinny Guy and Weird Guy.