Naked & Famous Fall/Winter 2013 Preview Part 3: Big John x Rockin' Jelly Bean Collaboration

The third and final part of our Naked & Famous fall/winter 2013 preview highlights one of the most ambitious pieces from the lineup, the Naked & Famous x Big John x Rockin' Jelly Bean triple collaboration. Alongside their trademark creativity and craftsmanship, Naked & Famous enlisted the help of the legendary Big Johns Jeans brand, as well as the art from the Japanese cult artists, Rockin' Jelly Bean.

Big Johns Jeans was founded in the 1940's, holding the title of the first ever Japanese denim brand. After initially manufacturing uniforms, the brand moved to producing denim in the United States, before they eventually moved their production back to Japan and have been producing there ever since. The artist, Rockin' Jelly Bean, has developed a cult following in the Japanese art scene thanks to his distinctive art style and content, both of which he demonstrates in his original artwork commissioned for the patch.

The 100% cotton jeans come in the Naked & Famous Super Skinny Guy fit, made in Japan with entirely Japanese materials. The denim comes in a vintage "old world blue" and weighs in at a respectable 14oz weight. We are excited to be carrying these in the very near future, until then, keep your eyes on the store.