Leather Appreciation: Corter Leather 14oz Vegetable Tanned "Standard" Natural Belt

Earlier this week we posted the remarkable coloring results our customer, Mr. Bowie, had with his Tanner Goods wallet, and today we're showing off the equally impressive results from his Corter Leather Belt. Just like raw denim, leather will age and develop unique characteristics based on daily use and wear.

Mr. Bowie's belt is the Corter Leather vegetable tanned standard natural belt, made of 100% cowhide leather, hand cut and finished with a nickel-plated roller buckle and two Chicago screws. Outside of two applications of neatsfoot oil, the coloring is entirely the result of daily wear and age.



Restock of the natural belt and the latigo burgundy just arrived.  Here is a link and information on the natural which is shown above.

Corter Leather 14oz vegetable tanned leather "standard" belt in natural. 100% cowhide leather. Sizes 30, 32, 34, 36, 38. Made in USA. $55. For more information on the Corter Leather standard belt in natural, click here.

If you have any similar photos of your own items, email them to us at sales@blueowl.us and we may feature them on the website.