Time for another Unbranded Heavyweight Update!

Thank you for everyone who has purchased the Unbranded heavyweights via pre-order! If you want to secure a pair from one of the next deliveries, we are accepting pre-orders now, orders will be shipping out as soon our next delivery arrives.

UB121 Skinny - Almost sold out. There are only a few sizes still available. Our next delivery is on January 11 for remaining available sizes. If your size is sold out, go with the tapered fit which is available or wait until the next production run which will happen in late spring.
UB221 Tapered - Significant stock is available in all sizes. Next delivery is January 18th and we expect to have stock in all sizes in store once this shipment arrives. This does not mean wait until the delivery arrives. You still should pre-order to guarantee your size.
UB321 Straight - Sizes 28 and 38 are sold out, sizes 29-36 look good for a while. We expect to have stock in store in these sizes soon, delivery January 11 and another delivery January 18. I still recommend pre-ordering, don't take chances that your size is still available when you are ready.