Unbranded Heavyweights Update: Pre-Ordering Next Shipments

Thank you for everyone who has purchased the Unbranded heavyweights! We are sorry we could not keep up with demand, but nearly 200 more pairs are on the way. We are expecting shipments January 4 and January 11 which will cover all 3 fits. If you want to secure a pair from one of the next deliveries, we are accepting pre-orders now, orders will be shipping out as soon the shipment arrives.

One bit of bad news for those asking for hemming. Unfortunately we are unable to do chainstitching on this denim at this time. We have never had any issues hemming Samurai, Ironheart, or Elephant 2 denims, but these are proving to be a much bigger challenge. This fabric has been breaking our needles and we cannot hem properly. We are ordering some heavier grade needles which will hopefully allow hemming to be possible. For the time being, hemming service is not available on the Unbranded Heavyweight denims.