Japan Blue x Blue Owl 14oz Indigo/Indigo "Low Tension" Skinny Straight Selvedge Denim

We are proud to introduce the second denim in Japan Blue x Blue Owl collaboration series. Our second collaboration with Japan Blue uses an indigo/indigo 14oz low tension woven selvedge made in Japan Blue's skinny straight fit. The denim is made in Japan by Japan Blue, using all Japan Blue signature details, is designed by Blue Owl, and is a limited production run of 61 pairs. One simple detail that stands out is the yellow contrast stitching, which is hard to find on the current denim market among the indigo/indigo and indigo/black style denims.

Japan Blue x Blue Owl 14oz Indigo/Indigo "Low Tension" Skinny Straight Selvedge Denim. Sizes 28-34, 36. 100% cotton. Made in Japan. $230. For more information on the Japan Blue x Blue Owl indigo/indigo 14oz Skinny Straight denim, click here.

The fabric is a 14oz selvedge with both the warp and weft dyed to a pure dark indigo. The fabric is woven at a very slow speed with a loose tension, which takes much more time to produce but will result in a fabric that becomes much softer with wear. The low tension weave creates a unique variation and irregularity in the surface texture of the denim.

The warp and weft yarns are both rope dyed in the same pure indigo. With rope dying, the core of the yarn will remain white, thus after wear and some indigo loss, the core of the yarn will be exposed, showing the white. This will result in a high contrast fade as the white core of the yarn is exposed behind the super dark pure indigo surface.

White selvedge with pink accent

Japan Blue signature bronze buttons and rivets

Custom Japan Blue + Blue Owl cowhide leather patch