Naked & Famous Spring 2013 Denims: First Shipment Arrives Early December!

Spring 2013 denims are starting to be released! There are 6 new denims from from the Naked & Famous spring 2013 line up that have just came out of production and we will receive in about 2 weeks. Here are a few details on the ones on the way!

Suvin Selvedge. Suvin is an Indian cotton with an extra long staple. This type of cotton is primarily used in linens and more luxury type fabrics, not used in denim!  Basically this fabric is extremely soft and become much softer with wear. The weave is very inconsistent and similar to the low tension weave denim from the current collection. It is a 13oz weight offered in the Weird Guy only and limited to a one time only production of about 1000 pairs. These will be around for a while, but not that long. Price is $160 retail.

Natural Indigo Organic Selvedge. Made using both organic cotton and organic natural dye. When using "real" natural indigo, the fabric is very streaky and the color of the warp yarns will not match. When rope dying using a natural indigo, even multiple dips will not get a consistent color, thus every denim will have slight variations in color and each denim will be different. The color is amazing! It is a beautiful light indigo and a weight of only 13oz making it the perfect denim going into spring. This is also a very limited one time production of only around 300 pairs. This denim will sell out fast and we suggest ordering upon arrival. Weird Guy only.  Price is only $150.

Kamikaze Attack Collab. This denim features a 14.5oz unsanforized slubby indigo/indigo fabric and made in the Skinny Guy fit. More details on this one will come later! Retail is $260.

One of the new fabrics being offered as of Spring 2013 is the indigo stretch selvedge and it will be offered in the new Super Skinny Guy fit. This is a 12.5oz selveddge which is 98% cotton and 2% elastane. The stretch will make a perfect slim fit and comfortable in all the right areas. Retail $155.

Black power stretch has always been a popular in the skinny guy fit and soon it will be available in the even slimmer silhouette of the Super Skinny Guy.  Made with a 12oz stretch fabric with 5% stretch and a lustrous finish.  Retail $140.

Left Hand Twill has become a staple fabric for Naked & Famous since introduced in late 2011 and now it is offered in Super Skinny Guy. Retail $140.