Japan Blue 12.5oz "African Cotton" Tapered Raw Selvedge Denim - Model JB0404

Introducing a new denim to the Japan Blue line up, the "African Cotton" tapered denim JB0404. This denim features a 12.5oz selvedge made with African cotton that is rope dyed in pure indigo. The African cotton has a beige color and the denim will fade to light beige with consistent wear.  This type of cotton becomes very soft with wear and the weight and color is great for year round wear.  This fabric is only offered in the tapered fit.

Japan Blue 12.5oz "African Cotton" tapered raw selvedge denim. Model JB0404. Sizes 28-34, 36. 100% cotton. Made in Japan. $200. For more information on the Japan Blue JB0404, click here.

The above photo shows the 12.5oz African selvedge denim fabric made with the cotton used to make the fabric.  The African cotton has a long fiber and beige color. This cotton is rope dyed in pure indigo and the core of the yarn is beige, thus as the fabric begins to fade the beige color will show through.

Standard details such as the hidden pocket selvedge, antique gold colored hardware, and button fly.
The weft has a slightly brown color, hems are chainstitched, and the Japan Blue signature light blue inseam is present.