Japan Blue x Blue Owl x Momotaro 9.5oz Slub/Slub "Going to Battle" Skinny Straight Selvedge Chino

We are proud to introduce a new project....the Japan Blue x Blue Owl collaboration series. Our first collaboration with Japan Blue is actually a 3 way collaboration featuring Momotaro. This collaboration is a slim chino using the Japan Blue skinny straight fit, details from both the Momotaro and Japan Blue labels, designed by Blue Owl, and a limited production run of 63 pairs.

Japan Blue x Blue Owl x Momotaro 9.5oz Slub/Slub "Going to Battle" Skinny Straight Selvedge Chino. Sizes 28-34, 36. 100% cotton. Made in Japan. $200. For more information on the Japan Blue x Blue Owl x Momotaro collaboration chino, click here.

The fabric is a custom made 9.5oz selvedge chino made with slub yarn for both the warp and weft. The fabric is made on old shuttle looms at very slow speeds that can produce only 50m of fabric per day. The fabric is then dyed using a special machine called a "Jikka". Jikka dying machines were produced before the 1950's and are very difficult to use because it is a very slow process, yet very careful with the fabric causing much less damage compared to modern dying machines. The result is a fabric that will achieve a very natural fade after wearing and appearance of a real vintage chino. This chino is made for real chino lovers!

As this is a collaboration including Momotaro, we also added a small detail using both Momotaro and Japan Blue hardware. All hardware is dark bronze finish.

This chino also features the Momotaro's signature two lines on the back right pocket. "Going to Battle" stripes are a symbol of Japanese tradition representing honor and strength. The warrior stripes also represent the flag carried by "Momotaro" in the original folklore story.

The selvedge line is kept beige, same as the fabric, for a very clean aesthetic.  Chainstitched hems of course.

Custom Japan Blue + Blue Owl cowhide leather patch.