Naked & Famous "Weird Guy" 14oz Pomegranate Selvedge Denim - - Restocked!

Restocks are in!  Naked & Famous Pomegranate denim has been sold out in several sizes and we just filled up.  This will probably be our last restock of this model, so grab your size while it is available.  The fabric used is a 14oz Japanese selvedge that has been dyed using real pomegranate and a synthetic stabilizer that helps maintain the rich pomegranate color. Incredible color for the fall!

Naked & Famous "Weird Guy" Pomegranate 14oz selvedge denim. 100% cotton. Made in Canada. Sizes 28-34, 36. $195. For more information on the Naked & Famous weird guy pomegranate, click here.

White selvedge with red accent is used. Weft is white, so fading will progress to lighter shades of red with white showing through in the most prominent faded areas.

Custom engraved rivets and hardware.

Button fly with custom engraved N&F logo doughnut buttons. All pictures here capture the true color very accurately.