Momotaro Copper Label 14.7oz "Tight Straight" Raw Selvedge Denim - Restocked

The Momotaro Copper "Tight Straight" dark indigo is back in stock! The Momotaro Copper Label series features copper accent hardware and a 14.7oz weight selvedge which is slightly lighter compared to the other Momotaro denim series. What makes this model special is the indigo used. Prior to the release of this model this past spring, the Copper Label series denims featured lighter shades of indigo which were more vintage inspired. The new model is a deep indigo color that is more modern and the same pure indigo used on the Vintage Label denims like the 0701 and on the Going to Battle denims like the 0705sp.

Momotaro Copper Label 14.7oz "tight straight" raw selvedge denim - Model G017-MB. 100% Zimbabwe cotton. Sizes 28-34, 36. Made in Japan. $295. For more information on the Momotaro Copper Label 14.7oz "tight straight" raw denim, click here.

The fabric is a 14.7oz selvedge made with 100% Zimbabwe cotton and rope dyed to a deep indigo. The fabric has a hairy surface and a good amount of slub and tremendous character. The denim is a one wash (washed one time using sea water from Okayama coast) and is already shrank down to size, so further shrinkage is minimal. The Copper Label features the custom engraved copper buttons and rivets used throughout.

1/8" thick cowhide leather patch branded with the Momotaro "Japan Blue" logo

Heavy duty flannel pocket bags dyed in pure indigo are a nice touch.

The back yolk is lined with flannel material also dyed in pure indigo. Notice the hidden back pocket rivets and the copper rivets used throughout, all custom engraved with the standard Momotaro "peach" logo.

Interior of the flannel pocket bags has a tag of samurai and the Japan Blue logo.