Baldwin Denim: Spring/Summer 2013 Preview

In late winter and throughout next spring, we will continue to expand on the Baldwin Denim collection. Spring collection offers many strong basics such as oxfords and knits that are made in USA and will be priced very well, expect deliveries in January and February on tops. But what we really plan to expand is denim. Spring will offer a new fit called the "Samuel" which is a hybrid fit between the Reed and the Henley. The "Samuel" will be more of a slim classic fit with a slight taper and offered in heavy weight fabrics plus it will include a few additional selvedge details to add more character, yet maintain its minimalist style. We will also add several new fabrics in the Reed and Henley fits over the next few months. Here are a few detail photos of some basics from the Baldwin Denim spring summer 2013 lookbook.