Naked & Famous Spring/Summer 2013 Preview Part 2: New Denims!

Spring is still quite a ways out, but spring collections are currently on my mind!  We are finalizing our spring orders this week and we wanted to highlight some denims for the Naked & Famous spring 2013 line up. I feel like I say this every season, but Naked & Famous has really put together a great collection! Here is a quick breakdown of some of our personal favorite denims for the upcoming collection.

Suvin Selvedge. Suvin is an Indian cotton with an extra long staple. This type of cotton is primarily used in linens and more luxury type fabrics, not used in denim!  Basically this fabric is extremely soft and become much softer with wear. The weave is very inconsistent and similar to the low tension weave denim from the current collection. It is a 13oz weight offered in the Weird Guy only and limited to a one time only production of about 1000 pairs. These will be around for a while, but not that long and one to check out in person. Price is $160 retail.

Natural Indigo Organic Selvedge. Made using both organic cotton and organic natural dye. When using "real" natural indigo, the fabric is very streaky and the color of the warp yarns will not match. When rope dying using a natural indigo, even multiple dips will not get a consistent color, thus every denim will have slight variations in color and each denim will be different. The color is amazing! It is a beautiful light indigo and a weight of only 13oz making it the perfect denim going into spring. This is also a very limited one time production of only around 300 pairs. This denim will sell out fast and we suggest ordering upon arrival. Weird Guy only.  Price is only $150.

Red Weft Selvedge. This denim is making a come back by popular demand, last produced spring/summer 2010. It is a 12.5oz selvedge that fades to unique variations of white with slight red tints. Weird Guy only, $158 retail.

Blue Weft Selvedge. This is brand new fabric, but identical to the red weft selvedge. It will be slightly softer as the red technically has an additional coating to mute the red color slightly, so it will feel not quite as crisp, yet it is the same fabric. Weird Guy (photo above), Slim Guy. $158 retail.

Vintage Dungaree Selvedge. 1930's workwear reproduction fabric using a gray and white mix yarns which gives a dirty gray weft color. Fabric is 9.75oz and a great spring/summer pant. Skinny Guy (photo above), Weird Guy, Slim Guy. Retail is $150.

Kamikaze Attack Collab. This denim features a 14.5oz unsanforized slubby indigo/indigo fabric and made in the Skinny Guy fit. More details on this one will come later! Retail is $260.

Lightweight Selvedge. Fabric is only 10oz and color is a beautiful dark indigo that will fade nicely. It is light, breathable, and good for summer and warm climates. Skinny Guy (photo above), Weird Guy, Slim Guy. Retail is $158.

Royalcast Broken-Twill Selvedge. This past season featured "greencast", this coming spring will be the identical fabric in a royal blue indigo. Color is a repro 1960's indigo. Skinny Guy (photo above), Weird Guy, Slim Guy. Retail is $158.