Introducing the Japan Blue x Blue Owl Collaboration Series: Coming Soon!

We are proud to introduce a new project....the Japan Blue x Blue Owl collaboration series. Japan Blue has been one of our favorite labels since we brought them in store. What really makes Japan Blue special is the quality you get for the price point. All Japan Blue denim is made in Japan by artisans who really know denim and who are detail oriented, thus the denims are made with such precision that make them an unbelievable value. Our goal in this project is to expand on what the Japan Blue label can offer by introduce limited production runs of denims made using new fabrics and creative elements that we feel  really make the Japan Blue label special. Our first two collaboration denims are almost complete and scheduled to be released soon. Here are some further details on our first two collaborations:

Japan Blue x Blue Owl x Momotaro 9.5oz Slub/Slub "Going to Battle" Skinny Straight Selvedge Chino.  Limited to 60 pieces in sizes 28-36.  Price will be approximately $200, final price determined upon arrival. Release will be mid-October.

The fabric is a 9.5oz selvedge chino made with slub yarn for both the warp and weft. The fabric is made on old shuttle looms at very slow speeds that can produce only 50m of fabric per day. The fabric is then dyed using a special machine called a "Jikka". Jikka dying machines were produced before the 1950's and are very difficult to use because it is a very slow process, yet very careful with the fabric causing much less damage compared to modern dying machines. The result is a fabric that will achieve a very natural fade after wearing and appearance of a real vintage chino. This chino is made for real chino lovers!

As this is a collaboration including Momotaro, we also added a small detail using both Momotaro and Japan Blue hardware.

Japan Blue x Blue Owl 14oz Indigo/Indigo "Low Tension" Skinny Straight Selvedge Denim. Limited to 60 pieces.  Price will be approximately $230, final price determined upon arrival. Release will be December.

The fabric is a 14oz selvedge with both the warp and weft dyed to a pure dark indigo. The fabric is woven at a very slow speed with a loose tension which takes much more time to produce, but will result in a fabric that becomes much softer with wear. As a result of the low tension weave, the fabric also has a lot of variation and irregular surface texture.

The warp and weft yarns are both rope dyed in the same pure indigo. With rope dying, the core of the yarn will remain white, thus after wear and some indigo loss occurs, the core of the yarn is exposed showing the white. This will result in a very high contrast fade as the white core of the yarn is exposed behind the super dark pure indigo surface.

All Japan Blue hardware and details are used throughout.