Nudie Jeans: Officially 100% Certified Organic Cotton

As of the summer of 2006, Nudie Jeans declared a goal of being a 100% organic denim collection. As of the fall 2012 collection, Nudie has achieved this goal. When Nudie began with this goal in mind, very few of their suppliers offered organic cottons or fabrics. It has taken a long time for their suppliers to achieve the 100% organic cotton certification and to find the right suppliers with like minded goals. Our first shipment of the fall winter 2012 Nudie Jeans collection just arrived and all of the new denims are made using 100% certified organic cotton. More details on the shipment coming soon.

Nudie's suppliers are primarily located throughout Italy and Turkey. Italy has always been known for their emphasis on quality and craftsmanship and Turkey has developed into a major supplier of organic cottons, thus it was natural to source their cottons in both countries. Above is a video showing harvest time in the cotton fields which will soon be used to make the denims we love. Enjoy the video!

Here are some additional cotton facts:
•Global cotton production is accounting for 2.5% of the world’s arable land.
•Conventional grown cotton consumes approximately 25% of the insecticides and more than 10% of the pesticides used in the world. (www.aboutorganiccotton.org)
•A bale of cotton weighs about 227kg.
•The fibre from one 227kg cotton bale can produce 215 pairs of jeans, 250 single bed sheets, 750 shirts, 1,200 t-shirts, 2,100 pairs of boxer shorts, 3,000 nappies, 4,300 pairs of socks.
•One t-shirt made from conventional cotton represents 2700 litres of water, and a third of a pound of chemicals, which often contaminate water supplies.
•Cottonseed oil can be used for cooking or used in a range of industrial products such as soap, margarine, emulsifiers, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, rubber and plastics.
•The growing season in total is 180 days.
•About 17% of all cotton production is picked by hand, mostly in developing countries (wwf.se)
source: http://www.cottoncrc.org.au