Momotaro x Blue Owl "Deep Indigo" Skinny Straight 15.7oz Raw Selvedge - Model BOM003

We are proud to introduce the third denim in the Momotaro x Blue Owl collaboration series. With our 3rd collaboration we wanted something that creates incredible high contrast fading and uses a super dark indigo, so we looked at the newly released Deep Indigo 0702 for a little inspiration. Our version is similar to the 0702 in that it uses the same super dark pure indigo on the warp yarns and the same sulpher dye on the weft yarns. The difference is our version is slightly heavier at 15.7oz, comes in the unsanforized state (shrink-to-ft), and made in the "Skinny Straight" fit which is slimmer than any of Momotaro's standard fits.

Momotaro x Blue Owl "Deep Indigo" Skinny Straight 15.7oz Raw Selvedge - Model BOM003. 100% Zimbabwe cotton. Sizes 29-34, 36. Made in Japan. $295. For more information on the Momotaro x Blue Owl 15.7oz "deep indigo" skinny straight denim, click here.

The fabric is an unsanforized 15.7oz denim using a blend of thick slub Zimbabwe cotton yarns which gives the fabric an uneven surface even though the color gives a smooth appearance. It has a heavy feel, yet after it is a worn for a short time it will become extremely soft. The deep indigo color is the darkest denim ever produced by Momotaro and the black from the sulphur dyed gives an even darker color on the surface which helps create the high contrast fading. The warp yarns are rope dyed in super dark indigo and through the rope dying process the core of the yarn is white, thus after a little wear the indigo will rub off exposing the interior of the yarn which will be white and creates the high contrast fading.

Deer skin patch dyed black.  Indigo stitching is used throughout.

Hidden back pocket rivets. Notice the super dark interior weft yarns which are dyed using sulphur.

Hidden selvedge detail along coin pocket, copper rivets, custom engraved hardware with Momotaro and Rampuya logos are used throughout.