Momotaro x Blue Owl Deep Indigo "Skinny Straight" 15oz Raw Selvedge Model BOM003- - Arrives Next Week!

The much anticipated 3rd collaboration in the Momotaro x Blue Owl collaboration series has just finished production and will be in store next week, a few weeks earlier than anticipated. The BOM003 "Deep Indigo" denim will feature the Zimbabwe cotton super dark pure indigo warp and sulphur dyed weft fabric that is currently used on the Deep Indigo 0702, but our version has a little twist. First, the fit will be the skinny straight fit, same as the first two collaborations. Second, the fabric is unsanforized rather than the sanforized fabric of the 0702. Both of these factors will allow for the slimmest possible fit and one of the best fabrics to ever come out of the Rampuya denim mill.