Naked & Famous "Weird Guy" Red Core 14oz Selvedge Denim in Indigo

Introducing another new denim from the Naked & Famous fall winter 2012 collection....Weird Guy "Red Core" selvedge. Yes, it is an indigo denim that will fade to red! When we first saw this denim in person, we immediately felt it was one of the best of the season. The color is beautiful and what is even more impressive is how they fade and the rich red tones that develop. This is definitely one of Brandon's best creations!

Naked & Famous "Weird Guy" Red Core 14oz selvedge denim in indigo. 100% cotton. Fabric is woven in Japan, denim made in Canada. Sizes 28-34, 36. $215. For more information on the Naked & Famous weird guy red core, click here.

The "Red Core" fabric uses a weft yarn that has been dyed red to the center of the yarn using a permanent red Thyrene dye, then it is rope-dyed in indigo. The rope-dying process allows only the surface of the yarn to soak up the indigo leaving the center of the yarn its original color. So after a little wear, the indigo starts to rub off and fade exposing the red from the core of the warp yarns.

The fabric is a 14oz sanforized right hand twill with a touch of slub and irregularity. It is good weight for year round wear.

Exposed selvedge coin pocket detail, button fly, and all custom engraved Naked & Famous hardware.

Even the patch is red and painted indigo, so it will also show red after the indigo flakes off.

Here is a slightly worn red core denim lying on top of a brand new pair. This is approximately 5 months of wear without a wash. Imagine the potential!