Get ready! First Shipment from Naked & Famous Fall/Winter 2012 Denim Collection on the Way!

Naked & Famous is geared up for the fall/winter 2012 collection and not waiting for summer to come to an end before releasing new models. Several new fall denims just came out of production and we requested them to be shipped as soon as possible....we get a little impatient. Our first shipment will include 3 new fabrics and will arrive this weekend. Get ready, here is what to expect!

The "Dirty Fade Selvedge" will make its debut this season and available in Slim Guy, Weird Guy, and Skinny Guy and we will stock all 3 fits. Slim Guy is shown above. The fabric is a 14.5oz selvedge that has been rope dyed over brown yarns. Once fading starts to occur, the "dirty" fade will start to appear as the brown yarns begin to show through. Retail will be $158.

Another style of indigo/indigo selvedge...but this one is a very different fabric. The original indigo warp and indigo weft selvedge which was part of the spring summer 2012 collection is a 15oz fabric that is very slubby. This new fabric is only 12oz and has a smooth surface and texture and will still have the crazy electric blue fading. Available in Skinny Guy and Weird Guy which we will stock in both fits and both arriving this shipment. Retails at $166.

The "Low Tension" selvedge uses a 13.5oz denim woven at a very low tension setting which creates an irregular surface texture. Available in Weird Guy only. This ended up being a very small production run of only 300 pieces and we are already trying to secure another restock shipment. These will go fast! Because the fabric is so unique and the production run so small and the price so good, you want to get this as soon as it is released. Retails at $140.