Denim Fades: Japan Blue 14.8oz "Tapered" Vintage Raw Selvedge Denim - Model JB0401

Our guys at Japan Blue just sent us some great photos of an already worn JB0401 which is from the newly released tapered denim series. Since this is a brand new model, it is great to see that someone in their office has had the opportunity to break in a pair. This denim has seen about 6 months of total wear time and the fades are coming along nicely. The Japan Blue JB0401 uses the same fabric as used on the other core Japan Blue indigo selvedge denims, so photographs of the other denim models can also give an idea of what to expect in terms of fading. All 6 of the Japan Blue core indigo denims use a 14.8oz sanforized selvedge with an indigo that is rope dyed in a chemical and sulphur mix. The sulphur acts as a stabilizer and the chemical indigo is super dark which combined with the perfect weight and the rope dying helps create the perfect recipe for an amazing fabric that is stubborn to fade, yet gives a very contrasty result.  Here are some more photos of the JB0401 at 6 months.