Naked & Famous Fall Winter 2012 Collection Denim Preview

We are just starting to feel some spring weather here in Seattle, but we are already anticipating fall collections which will start arriving in no time. It is time to see what to look forward to seeing very soon. The Naked & Famous fall winter 2012 collection will bring in a lot of new creative fabrics and bring back a few older styles. It was a very large collection, but here is just a small sample of some of the new models to expect.

The "Dirty Fade Selvedge" will make its debut this season and available in Slim Guy, Weird Guy, and Skinny Guy and we will stock all 3 fits. Slim Guy is shown above. The fabric is a 14.5oz selvedge that has been rope dyed over brown yarns. Once fading starts to occur, the "dirty" fade will start to appear as the brown yarns begin to show through. Retail will be $158.

The "Big Slub" denim was introduced in February 2008 as part of the Naked & Famous spring 2008 collection, which was also Naked & Famous' first season as a brand. It was offered in Slim Guy only and has was never made again, until now. Over the years, there have been numerous requests to remake the "Big Slub" denim and finally in fall 2012 the "Big Slub" returns and this time it will be available in both Weird Guy and Slim Guy. Weird Guy shown above. The fabric features an 18oz heavyweight selvedge with a tremendous amount of slub yarns which is the identical fabric used on the original release. We will stock both Slim Guy and Weird Guy of this denim. Retail $215.

Another style of indigo/indigo selvedge...but this one is a very different fabric. The original indigo warp and indigo weft selvedge which was part of the spring summer 2012 collection is a 15oz fabric that is very slubby. This new fabric is only 12oz and has a smooth surface and texture and will still have the crazy electric blue fading. Available in Skinny Guy and Weird Guy which we will stock in both fits. Retails is $166.

The Weird Guy Selvedge Chino in Beige has been a very popular fabric since it was first released several seasons ago. Finally there are new colors available. Introducing the "Khaki Green" slevedge chino which is the same 12oz fabric as used on the beige version, except in khaki, and it is an even more beautiful color in person. Available in Weird Guy which we will stock, retail is $150.

...also introducing "Sand" selvedge chino. This is a lighter color compared to the beige and very refreshing. Also available in Weird Guy which we will stock. Retail is $150.

The "Low Tension" selvedge uses a 13.5oz denim woven at a very low tension setting which creates an irregular surface texture. Available in Weird Guy which we will stock. Retails is $140.

"Pomegranate" is back. The Pomegranate dyed selvedge was originally released in fall 2011. It was a creative design and a beautiful color. It was a very popular model and we continuously get requests every week, so we are happy to see it being offered again. The fabric is a 14oz Japanese selvedge that has been dyed using real pomegranate and a synthetic stabilizer that helps maintain the rich pomegranate color. Available in Weird Guy which we will stock. Retail is $198.

The "Red Core" is a 14oz selvedge made with red weft yarns overdyed in indigo which creates an indigo jean that will fade to red. This denim will be available in Weird Guy which we will stock. Retail is $215.