Introducing the Momotaro x Blue Owl Collaboration Series

We are proud to officially introduce the Momotaro x Blue Owl collaboration series. This series combines the expert artisan craftsmanship of Momotaro with the vision and creativity of the Blue Owl Workshop to develop limited edition denims and fashion items. This series will begin with 3 different denims being released this spring and summer limited to only 40 pairs per denim run. The first collaboration denim is complete and has already shipped from Kojima, Japan and will arrive next week. More details of each denim will be available upon arrival, but here is what to expect.

The first 3 denims in the Momotaro x Blue Owl series will feature a new fit that has never been used on the Momotaro main line, skinny straight. The Skinny Straight fit is slim in the top block, has a low rise, runs slim in the leg, and tapers slightly from the thigh to the leg opening. All 3 denims use unsanforized raw selvedge denim made with Zimbabwe cotton produced by the Rampuya denim mill and sewn by the factories of Momotaro in Kojima, Okayama.

Available Early April: Momotaro x Blue Owl "Midnight Warrior" Skinny Straight 15.7oz Raw Selvedge - Model BOM001

With our 1st collaboration we wanted a super dark denim, but not black. We wanted something that was unique and memorable, yet also minimalistic. The result is a creative denim that uses a super dark indigo with black stitching and details that makes the denim look black, yet will fade to a beautiful indigo full of variations. We used the same fabric from the Momotaro Vintage Series which is rope dyed in pure indigo and already super dark. We used black stitching throughout and a black deer skin patch to give a clean look making the denim look black, at least until the fabric starts to fade. Finally with a tribute to the Going to Battle series and what has become one of the recognizable symbols of the Momotaro label we added the battle stripes, but in black. Thus we are proud to introduce the "Midnight Warrior" denim.

Available late June: Momotaro x Blue Owl Vintage 15.7oz "Skinny Straight" Raw Selvedge - Model BOM002

With our 2nd collaboration we wanted to keep it simple. Basically we feel the Momotaro Vintage Label is the best possible denim Momotaro can produce, so why change it? Thus the BOM002 will feature the same fabric and details as used in the Momotaro Vintage Series and use the skinny straight fit.

Comparing the BOM001 and the BOM002 side x side, you can see how the black stitching and details truly make the BOM001 look like a black denim, but in actuality both of these denims use the same indigo dyed fabric. The fabric is a 15.7oz super-dense 6s yarn made with 100% Zimbabwe cotton and rope dyed to a super dark deep indigo using pure indigo. The fabric has a hairy surface with a good amount of slub and character and fades beautifully.

Available late August/early September: Momotaro x Blue Owl Deep Indigo "Skinny Straight" 15oz Raw Selvedge - Model BOM003

The BOM003 "Deep Indigo" denim will feature the Zimbabwe cotton super dark pure indigo warp and sulphur dyed weft fabric that is currently used on the Deep Indigo 0702, but our version has a little twist. First, the fit will be the skinny straight fit, same as the first two collaborations. Second, the fabric is unsanforized rather than the sanforized fabric of the 0702. Both of these factors will allow for the slimmest possible fit and one of the best fabrics to ever come out of the Rampuya denim mill.