Naked & Famous 5oz Red Chambray Slim Shirt

For over 2 years, I have been asking Naked & Famous to develop a nice red chambray and they finally have as part of the 2012 spring collection....and hopefully this one will be around for a while. It is a very simple design shirt that numerous other companies make, but what makes the Naked & Famous version different is the depth of the red color, the softness of the fabric, and the fit.

Naked & Famous 5oz red chambray slim shirt. 100% cotton. Fabric made in Japan, denim assembled in Canada. Sizes S, M, L. $135. For more information on the N&F red chambray, click here.

The fabric is a 5oz chambray made in Japan that has a very soft hand and rich red color.

The sewing factory is the oldest existing shirt factory in North America, which was founded in Quebec in 1894. The construction and details are always well executed.