Naked & Famous Spring/Summer 2012 Collection Preview - Denim

For spring 2012, Naked & Famous will offer the largest assortment of denim seen so far! Many of the popular denim models from past seasons will continue to carry over, so we are only going to show a few of the new fabrics. Here is a quick preview of our favorites!

Wax Stretch Indigo - - Features a 12oz stretch indigo fabric which has been wax coated giving the smooth lustrous finish. Offered in Skinny Guy, $140.

Lightweight Painter - - 5oz Ultra-lightweight painter denim cloth in a clean indigo color. Offered in Slim Guy and Weird Guy, $135.

Hemp Blend Selvedge - - Fabric is a 13oz selvedge with a blend of 70% cotton and 30% hemp and has a fascinating shade of indigo as it has a natural brown overtone. Offered in Skinny Guy, $165.

The brown overtone can be seen best along the weft. This denim will have a very interesting fade as the brownish colors will follow through.

Broken Twill Greencast Selvedge - - 13oz broken twill made with a unique greencast tinted indigo dye. Skinny Guy and Weird Guy, $155.

Smooth surface with a bit of variation and a long streaky grain. Expect some nice vertical fading.

Red Stretch - - This coming spring Naked & Famous will offer several stretch denims and the red stretch was a stand out. Offered in Skinny Guy, $140.

Frankenstein 2 - - The first Frankenstein denim came out several seasons back and it was very popular. The new Frankenstein denim is a 13.5oz big slub fabric mixed with alternating weave. The color is a unique tan/brown. Offered in Weird Guy fit, $135.

Looking closely at fabric shows the twisting weave as the twill seams to have no direction at all. The surface is soft with exposed slub in variation. Definitely will be a fun denim to wear at any time of year.

Indigo/Indigo Selvedge - - The fabric is a 15oz super rigid selvedge that has an indigo warp and weft. The indigo dyed weft creates unique electric blue fading with prolonged wear. Offered in Weird Guy fit, $188.