Unbranded UB101 Skinny Indigo - - Restocked!

Our recent shipment from Unbranded brought us a large restock of the UB101 skinny indigo denims. We are now fully loaded on all sizes 28-36. The Unbranded UB201 tapered indigo denim is in production now and will be released very soon. Our next restock of the UB201 will be in about 2-3 weeks which will also come with restocks of the black UB204 and UB104.

Unbranded "skinny leg" 14.5oz selvedge denim in indigo model UB101. 100% cotton. Fabric made in Japan, denim assembled in Macau. Sizes 28-34. $78. For more information on the Unbranded UB101 tapered indigo denim, click here.

"The Unbranded Brand" denim is brought to us by the same guys behind Naked and Famous. The concept of Unbranded is very simple, to produce the best possible denim at the lowest possible price. By eliminating all embellishments, advertising and branding costs, and simplifying the product to the bare basics, Unbranded is able to achieve a very low price, but still uses a great Japanese selvedge fabric and good construction to make a solid finished product.