Naked & Famous "Weird Guy" Super Heavy Weight 32 oz Selvedge Denim in Indigo

Naked & Famous has just made denim history! Naked & Famous has just produced the heaviest denim ever made, 32oz super heavy weight raw selvedge. Only 130 pairs of this limited denim run will be made. The selvedge denim fabric was made on old shuttle looms in Okayama and it was so unbelievably hard to produce that the fabric will never be made again. The fabric uses a 1" x 1.5" yarn which is same thickness that is used to make carpet. The fabric ended up being so thick and heavy that it was impossible to sanforize, thus this denim model was only made as an unsanforized denim, so expect them to shrink down one size when washed. In production, it literally takes 3 people to make 2 pairs of denim in 1 single day (this factory is capable of making at least 100 pairs of denim in the same amount of time). Once complete, a pair of denim weighs over 5 lbs. This is denim history, and yes, it will stand on its own!

This denim will officially become available in November 2011 and special orders requests are now available. Naked & Famous "Weird Guy" Super Heavy Weight 32oz Selvedge Denim. Made in Kojima, Japan. Sizes 28-34, 36. $495. For more information on how to special order the N&F Weird Guy 32oz Super Heavy Weight denim, click here.

32oz unsanforized raw selvedge denim. Rope dyed in pure indigo.

15oz super heavy weight cowhide leather patch.

32oz selvedge. Sorry, 32oz is too thick to chainstitch on a Union Special.