Coming Spring 2012: Momotaro "Tight Straight" Indigo/Black Raw Selvedge Denim Model 0702

Coming spring 2012, there is a new denim release from Momotaro that has me very excited! This denim is called the 0702. The concept is very similar the Momotaro Grand Indigo model ER007-2B (which will be restocked in spring). The 0702 will be in the "tight straight" fit and will have an indigo warp and a black weft and many of the same details as in the ER007-2B, but it will be a very different fabric. At this time, we cannot give specifics of the fabric, but here are several close up details which will give everyone an early taste of what's to come. So come early spring, we will have both the 0702 and the ER007-2B which will both fade to the crazy electric blue that made the Grand Indigo so popular.