Spellbound Reversible Wool Cotton Marine Vest in Olive

One of our favorite pieces from the Spellbound fall 2011 collection is the reversible marine vest. The dark olive color is easy to coordinate and the weight is good for fall, winter, and early spring. The vest has a simple design and slim fit.

Spellbound reversible wool cotton marine vest in olive. 46% wool, 38% cotton, 8% acrylic, 8% polyester. Sizes 2, 3, 4. Made in Japan. $315. For more information on the Spellbound reversible wool vest, click here.

5 total pockets (2 exterior, 3 interior when worn as above) and multiple buttons/hooks for closure.

Wool is the primary fabric used on the exterior which will retain warmth, cotton is the primary fabric used on interior which is very soft and comfortable. The combination of different fabrics on the interior and exterior offer the different contrasting shades of olive, also making it more versatile in your wardrobe.

When reversed, 3 exterior pockets are used and button closure.