Naked & Famous x Momotaro Collaboration 2 "Weird Guy" - - Pre-Order for Late September Delivery

We just received word that the Naked & Famous x Momotaro collaboration 2 is almost ready. It is just finishing production in Japan and will be headed to Canada to be released in late September. Only 400 pairs of denim were made in the first production and they are predicted to go quickly. As of today, we will begin pre-ordering this denim for its initial release. Final measurements, fit photos, and details will be available upon arrival. Please contact Blue Owl for any further information.

The Naked & Famous x Momotaro collaboration 2 denim combines the Japanese artisan craftsmanship of Momotaro and the fit of the Naked & Famous weird guy cut. This collaboration will be very similar to the first collaboration in details, but uses a slightly different 14oz fabric that is expected to fade quicker.

Momotaro x Naked & Famous Collaboration 2 "Weird Guy" 14oz selvedge denim in indigo. 100% cotton. Made by Momotaro in Kojima, Japan. Sizes 28-34, 36. $265. For more information on pre-ordering the N&F x Momo 2 collab, click here.