Introducing "The West is Dead"

We are proud to announce a new label to Blue Owl - "The West is Dead." Fall 2011 is the first collection produced by "The West is Dead" and when we first viewed the collection we were blown away by the fabrics, high level of construction, refreshing colors, and fit. The label is based in the USA and uses all USA production. Our first shipment will arrive in just a few weeks and we will go into much more detail once we have some product in store, but for now, enjoy looking at the photos from "The West is Dead" fall winter 2011 look book.

The name comes from a poem: "The West is dead. You may loose a sweetheart, but you will never forget her." Charles M. Russel, 1864-1926

The West is Dead is a collaboration of two friends- Will Cheng and Kaelen McCrane who realized they shared an appreciation for denim and a concern for the dying tradition of American craftsman ship. Together they started a men's premium denim line with inspiration drawn from vintage clothing, each piece in the collection was designed and built with emphasis on the functional construction, subtle styling, and an obsession with using only the finest quality raw materials.