Introducing Nudie Jeans Co.

Nudie Jeans is a Swedish denim and clothing label based in Goteborg which is located on the Swedish west coast. Being an old seaport and the industrial hub of the region, the city is closely linked to the heritage of denim and workwear. Nudie Jeans' inspiration and philosophy is deeply rooted to the region which can be felt in the label's fits and style. Nudie Jeans is recognized for their variety of denim fits and their use of quality fabrics which are made in Italy, Turkey, and Japan.

When many people think about Nudie they get the impression that is a large commercial company because they have been around for quite a while, but in reality it is a very small family owned business of about only 30 employees. Nudie should be attributed as the key label that made raw denim mainstream. Of course the Japanese were perfecting the make of raw denims way before Nudie, but Nudie helped make raw denim popular by bringing it more to the international for front. They offer a variety of different fits, unique fabrics made with organic and recycled cottons, and Italian workmanship which is also one of the worlds best when it comes to denim. Not to mention, look at those fades! The above denims are raw denims worn just over 1 years time.

Nudie offers a lot more than just denim, they are a complete collection. With our first few shipments we will focus on Nudie's core denims, but we will expand the label into more specialized denims and venture into their collection items which are not easily found in the states. Here are just a few pictures of the non-denim items offered by Nudie. More to come in the near future.