Naked & Famous Spring 2012 Collection Preview (Part 1)

We just returned from a trip to see several collections for spring 2012, including Naked & Famous. The spring 2012 N&F collection looks great and we want to highlight just a few items that caught our eye, but we will give a full breakdown later in the week. For now, check a few pictures of the collection. Above you will see Brandon and Bahzad (the N&F gurus) working their magic!

The next season's denim selection will have a few exciting new fabrics and a couple collaborations which will remain secret until they land. The new fabrics that we found exciting include a hemp blend selvedge, a broken twill green cast selvedge, wax stretch indigo, scratch-n-sniff raspberry scented denim, and Frankenstein 2.

The selection of button downs have really expanded including new colors in the oxfords and chambray fabrics.

Original denim fabrics continue through spring such as the popular gray selvedge, deep indigo, and broken twill indigo. We will continue to stock them as long as they remain available.

Double-weave native prints look great.

The broken-twill greencast was my personal favorite. The fabric has a unique indigo dyed shade of blue that will be refreshing for spring and will produce nice vertical fading.

The fabric is a 13oz broken twill with a yellow accent. The surface is smooth and the denim will be easy to coordinate. Will be available in skinny guy and weird guy and price around $155.

Frankenstein 2 - - the first version was very popular. This version is a 13.5oz big slub fabric with a mixed alternating weave. Color is a unique tan/brown shade.

Close us shows the twisting weave as the twill seams to have no direction at all. Surface is soft with exposed slub in variation. This will be a fun denim to wear at any time of year. Comes in Weird Guy only and priced about $135.

Hemp blend selvedge is a fascinating shade of indigo as it has a natural brown overtone. Fabric is 13oz selvedge with a blend of 70% cotton and 30% hemp.

The brown hemp overtone can be seen best along the weft. This denim will have a very interesting fade as the brownish colors will follow through. Available in skinny guy and priced around $165.

More to come.....