Momotaro "Vintage Label" 0701 Selvedge Denim - - Restocked!

New shipments from Rampuya just arrived, including a restock of the Momotaro Vintage Label 0701. The "Vintage Label" is sewn with 6s yarn (thickest type) of Zimbabwe cotton and has the most clean, minimalist design. All sizes 28-36 are now back in stock. Other items from our recent shipment will be posted online soon.

Momotaro vintage label 15.7oz "tight straight" raw selvedge denim. 100% Zimbabwe cotton. Sizes 28-34, 36 (38, 40, 42 via special order). Made in Japan. $295. For more information on the Momotaro vintage label "tight straight" raw denim, click here.

Momotaro's "tight straight" denim fit is slim in the top block, has a low rise, runs slim the leg, and has a gradual taper down the leg towards the leg opening. The fabric is custom designed by Rampuya denim mill exclusively for the Momotaro label. It is a deep blue natural indigo 15.7oz selvedge using super-dense 6s yarn Zimbabwe cotton. The fabric is shrink-to-fit, thus the denim will need to be soaked to confirm all shrinkage has settled. Expect the denim to shrink approximately 1" in the waist and 2" in the length during the first wash/soak. Waist line will stretch back out with consistent wear.

The pink selvedge and pink thread along the interior inseam are common features of Momotaro denim. The pink (peach) color has come to represent both the region of Okayama (which is known for peaches) and the peach from the Japanese folklore story of "Momotaro".

Clean, minimalist design. Deer skin patch.

Custom engraved buttons featuring the Momotaro peach.

Selvedge inside coin pocket is a small detail only known by the wearer.

Close up of top left corner of coin pocket. Notice the subtle hint of pink selvedge showing along the edge just below the copper rivet.

Back side of copper rivets are custom engraved with Momotaro's peach symbol. Pocket bags are a heavy cotton gauze which is soft, yet very sturdy.

Momotaro - "Positively Superior."