3sixteen Denim Reveiw from "Put This On"

One of our customers e-mailed us a great review about 3sixteen denim that we wanted to share. This is from a blog called "Put this On" which is a new a blog I have never read, but will continue to follow from now on. The review gives tells a bit about 3sixteen vs. APC denim and is also based on an interview with one of our friends who owns Self-Edge, Kiya Babzani. To read more about the review on Put this On, here.

We apologize for the limited stock of the ST-100x and SL-100x right now. When the new fabric productions were released, there was a lot of people eagerly waiting the new production and they sold quickly. There is currently a production in the works that we anticipate arriving in store in 2-3 weeks. We will be fully stocked up very soon!

Here are the details of the ST-100x:
3sixteen slim tapered 14.5oz selvedge denim in indigo model ST-100x. 100% cotton. Fabric made in Okayama, Japan, denim sewn in USA. Sizes 28-34, 36. $195. For more information on the 3sixteen slim tapered ST-100x denim, click here.