Naked & Famous Fall 2011 Denim Release Dates

Over the next 2 months, Naked & Famous will be releasing several new denims and we are anxious to get them in store. We now know some expected delivery dates, so here is a quick update on what to expect to land in store in the near future.

Selvedge Duck - 10oz duck cloth fabric in a vintage brown khaki color and available in both Skinny Guy (pictured above) and Weird Guy fits. Both are anticipated to be in store late August. Price $145.

Left Hand Twill - We just described LHT in our last blog post. LHT is a 13.75oz selvedge in indigo and available in both Skinny Guy (photographed above) and Weird Guy fits and both are on their way and will be in store around July 18th. Price $140.

Pomegranate - 14oz selvedge using real pomegranates combined with a stabilizer to maintain the rich red color. Available in Weird Guy (photographed above) and released in early September. Price $195.

Japan Heritage - First shipment already in store, second shipment lands next week, third shipment in about 3 weeks. This denim is our favorite of the season and in our opinion the best denim Naked & Famous has made so far. It has already proven to be very popular and we will continue to restock as long as they are available. Available in Skinny Guy and Weird Guy (photographed above) fits. Price $200.

Elephant 2 - Last fall the Elephant fabric was a big hit. This season Elephant 2 is slightly heavier at 22oz in a deep indigo color. Available in both Weird Guy (photographed above) and Skinny Guy. Weird Guy is coming out of production now and we might have in store by 3rd week of July. Skinny Guy is currently in production and will be available mid-August. Price $165.

Besides the above models there are a couple of secret collaborations which will be released in August and September - more details coming soon! Also, we will continue to restock many of the model that we already carry. Our next restock shipments include Weird Guy Selvege Chino (arrives mid-July), Skinny Guy Deep Indigo (next week), Weird Guy Deep Indigo (next week), Weird Guy Japan Heritage (mid-July), Skinny Guy Japan Heritage (mid-July), and natural premium belts (mid-July).