Man of Moods T/C45S Broad Cotton 1/2 Sleeve Button Down in Black

MofM's long sleeve button down features T/S45S broad cotton fabric which is tightly woven using single thread. The combination of the weave and cotton polyester blend produce a fabric that is superior in strength, has a smooth lustrous finish, and is very soft to the touch.

Man of Moods T/C45s broad cotton 1/2 sleeve button down in black. 65% polyester, 35% cotton. Size 1, 2, 3. Made in Japan. $220. For more information on the MofM 1/2 sleeve button down in black, click here.

Pointed collar. Subtle embrodery in matching color along collar and placket. MOP (mother of pearl) buttons.

Embrodery along cuffs. MOP buttons.

Slim silhouette throughout body and arms. Single chest pocket with gusset.