Comparing the Different Indigo Fabrics by Naked & Famous

Since the releases of the Naked & Famous Japan Heritage denim, we have received several questions about the different shades of indigo in the various Naked & Famous denims. Above we have 3 denims by Naked & Famous which are similar in indigo color, but are very different in terms of texture, feel, and how they will wear. Above left to right is the Momotaro x Naked & Famous collaboration, Japan Heritage, and Deep Indigo. We will analyze the fabrics a bit closer.

Deep Indigo (right) and N&F x Momotaro (left) both have very dark blue colors. The N&F x Momotoro fabric has a smooth clean surface, soft feel, and lustrous finish and will be comfortable when brand new. The Deep Indigo is more crisp and full of starch and has a consistent shade of blue. Both of these denims will have excellent vertical fading. The Japan Heritage denim (middle) fabric has a slightly bumpy texture and will fade very differently compared to the others above as indigo loss will be more inconsistent due to the weave of the fabric and type of yarn used.

Looking even closer, the Japan Heritage (right) has more white or lighter shades coming through the fabric as the yarn has varied thicknesses and varied indigo shades. The N&F x Momotaro collaboration (left) is woven tightly with a consistent yarn weight and indigo color. Thus the N&F x Momotaro collaboration (left) has a consistent color and smooth surface which creates its lustrous finish while the Japan Heritage has an inconsistent weave and varied color with more coarse texture, yet soft feel. Both will fade very differently. The N&F x Momotaro denim will have consistent vertical fading while the Japan Heritage will fade to different shades of indigo in different portions of the jean.

Above we have 5 different N&F denims. From the top to bottom and left to right there is Deep Indigo, Japan Heritage, Momotaro x N&F collaboration, Broken Twill, and Natural Indigo Revival. Each fabric is very different which will fade differently and develop its own characteristics with wear. Which one to choose is up to the wearer.