Coming Soon! Naked & Famous 13.75oz Left Hand Twill Denim

In about 2 weeks, our next shipment from Naked & Famous will arrive which will include the 2011 fall release of their Left Hand Twill denims. Left hand twill, also known as "s twill", is a weave in which the grain line runs from the top-left hand corner of the fabric to the bottom right which is the opposite of right hand twill. It was originally used by Lee denim as its basic denim and now used in many premium denim companies such as 45rpm, Lee Japan, Kicking Mule Workshop, and now Naked & Famous. Left hand twill tends to wear down softer than right hand twill and thus a softer hand feel after washing. Left hand twill will also have different wear patterns as the fabric can emphasize streakiness or vertical fading.

Brandon from Naked & Famous is wearing the Naked & Famous Left Hand Twill Skinny Guy which has about 4.5 months of wear without washing. We will stock the LHT in both skinny guy and weird guy fits. Here are few more photos to look forward to the upcoming release.