Coming Soon! Naked & Famous 13.75oz Left Hand Twill Denim

In about 2 weeks, our next shipment from Naked & Famous will arrive which will include the 2011 fall release of their Left Hand Twill denims. Left hand twill, also known as "s twill", is a weave in which the grain line runs from the top-left hand corner of the fabric to the bottom right which is the opposite of right hand twill. It was originally used by Lee denim as its basic denim and now used in many premium denim companies such as 45rpm, Lee Japan, Kicking Mule Workshop, and now Naked & Famous. Left hand twill tends to wear down softer than right hand twill and thus a softer hand feel after washing. Left hand twill will also have different wear patterns as the fabric can emphasize streakiness or vertical fading.

Brandon from Naked & Famous is wearing the Naked & Famous Left Hand Twill Skinny Guy which has about 4.5 months of wear without washing. We will stock the LHT in both skinny guy and weird guy fits. Here are few more photos to look forward to the upcoming release.


Comparing the Different Indigo Fabrics by Naked & Famous

Since the releases of the Naked & Famous Japan Heritage denim, we have received several questions about the different shades of indigo in the various Naked & Famous denims. Above we have 3 denims by Naked & Famous which are similar in indigo color, but are very different in terms of texture, feel, and how they will wear. Above left to right is the Momotaro x Naked & Famous collaboration, Japan Heritage, and Deep Indigo. We will analyze the fabrics a bit closer.

Deep Indigo (right) and N&F x Momotaro (left) both have very dark blue colors. The N&F x Momotoro fabric has a smooth clean surface, soft feel, and lustrous finish and will be comfortable when brand new. The Deep Indigo is more crisp and full of starch and has a consistent shade of blue. Both of these denims will have excellent vertical fading. The Japan Heritage denim (middle) fabric has a slightly bumpy texture and will fade very differently compared to the others above as indigo loss will be more inconsistent due to the weave of the fabric and type of yarn used.

Looking even closer, the Japan Heritage (right) has more white or lighter shades coming through the fabric as the yarn has varied thicknesses and varied indigo shades. The N&F x Momotaro collaboration (left) is woven tightly with a consistent yarn weight and indigo color. Thus the N&F x Momotaro collaboration (left) has a consistent color and smooth surface which creates its lustrous finish while the Japan Heritage has an inconsistent weave and varied color with more coarse texture, yet soft feel. Both will fade very differently. The N&F x Momotaro denim will have consistent vertical fading while the Japan Heritage will fade to different shades of indigo in different portions of the jean.

Above we have 5 different N&F denims. From the top to bottom and left to right there is Deep Indigo, Japan Heritage, Momotaro x N&F collaboration, Broken Twill, and Natural Indigo Revival. Each fabric is very different which will fade differently and develop its own characteristics with wear. Which one to choose is up to the wearer.


Now in Stock! Naked & Famous Japan Heritage 14oz Selvedge Denim in Indigo

" We call this denim 'Japan Heritage' because, in our opinion, it is a fabric that represents Japan's perception of what is special about vintage denim. The fabric is special because it is the opposite of mass produced denim. It's shuttle woven on a dangerous low-tension setting that creates loom chatter; it uses a slubby/bumpy yarn and has an irregular warp size, which create a beautiful and random texture and appearance." - - Naked & Famous

Our first shipment of the Naked & Famous Japan Heritage denim has just arrived and we will stock it both the Skinny Guy and Weird Guy fits. This denim was a limited production and it may sell quickly, but we already have a second shipment on the way and we will continue to receive more as long as it is available. If we do run out of your size, please e-mail us and check availability from our next shipment.

Naked & Famous "Weird Guy" Japan Heritage 14oz selvedge denim. The "Weird Guy" fit is slim with medium rise and tapers from knee to the leg opening. 100% cotton. Fabric made in Japan, denim assembled in Canada. Sizes 28-34. $200. For more information on the N&F Japan Heritage Weird Guy, click here.

Naked & Famous "Skinny Guy" Japan Heritage 14oz selvedge denim. The "Skinny Guy" fit is slim in the thigh with medium rise and tapers from mid-thigh to the leg opening. 100% cotton. Fabric made in Japan, denim assembled in Canada. Sizes 28-34. $200. For more information on the N&F Japan Heritage Skinny Guy, click here.

The Japan Heritage denim uses a 14oz sanforized raw Japanese selvedge using slub yarns of different thicknesses giving an unbalanced vintage feel. During fabrication, the yarns are dyed in pure indigo and as the yarns have different thicknesses the indigo will penetrate the yarn in different amounts creating tremendous depth and variation in the color. The shuttle looms are set at low tension so the denim is not packed as tightly when woven, which is a common characteristic in Japanese cult denim brands. The result is a a fabric with a soft feel and lustrous texture and denim that will fade to different shades of blue in different portions of the jean.

Other details include the 5 pocket design, button fly, and custom engraved buttons.

14oz selvedge made in Japan with red & white accents.

The coin pocket on the Skinny Guy fit features an exposed selvedge detail. The Weird Guy features a hidden selvedge coin pocket.

Custom engraved rivets. Important meaning from Naked & Famous, if you read French. Detail photo shows the skinny guy fit and the exposed coin pocket selvedge.

We are excited to see how the Japan Heritage denim will fade as the different colors of blue start to show. The above denim has 3-4 months of wear and has been soaked one time.


Momotaro "Vintage Label" Tight Straight 0701 - Back in Stock!

We just received our latest restock shipment from Rampuya - Momotaro Vintage Label 0701. The "Vintage Label" is sewn with 6s yarn (thickest type) of Zimbabwe cotton and has the most clean, minimalist design. All sizes 28-36 are now back in stock.

Momotaro vintage label 15.7oz "tight straight" raw selvedge denim. 100% Zimbabwe cotton. Sizes 28-34, 36 (38, 40, 42 via special order). Made in Japan. $285. For more information on the Momotaro vintage label "tight straight" raw denim, click here.

Momotaro's "tight straight" denim fit is slim in the top block, has a low rise, runs slim the leg, and has a gradual taper down the leg towards the leg opening. The fabric is custom designed by Rampuya denim mill exclusively for the Momotaro label. It is a deep blue natural indigo 15.7oz selvedge using super-dense 6s yarn Zimbabwe cotton. The fabric is shrink-to-fit, thus the denim will need to be soaked to confirm all shrinkage has settled. Expect the denim to shrink approximately 1" in the waist and 2" in the length during the first wash/soak. Waist line will stretch back out with consistent wear.

The pink selvedge and pink thread along the interior inseam are common features of Momotaro denim. The pink (peach) color has come to represent both the region of Okayama (which is known for peaches) and the peach from the Japanese folklore story of "Momotaro".

Clean, minimalist design. Deer skin patch.

Custom engraved buttons featuring the Momotaro peach.

Selvedge inside coin pocket is a small detail only known by the wearer.

Close up of top left corner of coin pocket. Notice the subtle hint of pink selvedge showing along the edge just below the copper rivet.

Back side of copper rivets are custom engraved with Momotaro's peach symbol. Pocket bags are a heavy cotton gauze which is soft, yet very sturdy.

Momotaro - "Positively Superior."


Back in Stock! Again! Naked & Famous Premium Natural Leather Belts

Back in stock again! Naked & Famous premium natural belt has been a store favorite for a long time. Customers love the simple design using a one piece satin nickle buckle and high quality leather.

Naked & Famous 15oz premium leather belt in natural. 100% bovine leather. Sizes 30, 32, 34, 36. $85. For more information on the Naked & Famous natural belt, click here.

The natural belt will patina well the more you wear it. The darker belt in the above photo is the same natural belt after just over a year of wear. No oils or treatment, just daily abuse! Nice patina!


Restocked! Naked & Famous Weird Guy "Solid Black" Sulphur Dyed Denim

Back in stock, the Naked & Famous "weird guy" sulpur dyed selvedge denim. This denim features a "solid black" Japanese selvedge with a black warp and weft in the N&F weird guy fit which runs slim with a medium rise and tapers to the leg opening.

Naked & Famous "weird guy" 14oz sulphur dyed selvedge denim solid black. 100% cotton. Fabric made in Japan, denim assembled in Canada. Sizes 28-36. $165. For more information on the N&F weird guy solid black denim, click here.

Made with a 14oz Japanese red & white selvedge. Fabric has been sulphur dyed creating the black warp and weft.

Due to the sulphur dye process, this denim will maintain its stark black color after prolong wear. The fabric also has a soft hand, smooth surface, and a slightly glossy texture.


2 Lines - Nihon - Japan - Momotaro - The Meaning Behind the Momotaro "Going to Battle" Series

Momotaro "Going to Battle" series feature the two lines painted on the back pockets or sleeves. These two lines represent Japan and Japanese folklore "Momotaro," the denim label's namesake.

Do you know "two lines" in Japanese is "Nihon," and "Nihon" (or "Nippon") also means Japan? In Japanese, "Hon" or "Pon" is used in counting long objects like lines. Ippon means one, Nihon means two, Sanbon means three, etc. Thus, "Nihon" means "two lines" or Japan, depending on the context. The two lines painted on the Momotaro "Going to Battle" series denim thus represent Japan and its artisan culture.

The two lines painted on the Momotaro "Going to Battle" series denim also represent the spirits of the Japanese popular folklore hero "Momotaro." The "Momotaro" folklore originates in Okayama, Japan, and is said to have been made in the Muromachi era (1336 to 1573) and become wide spread among the people in the Edo era (1603 to 1868). There are several versions of the story, but the most common version goes as follows. Momotaro came to the earth inside a giant peach, which was found floating down a river by an old, childless woman while washing clothes. The woman and her husband discovered the child when they tried to open the peach to eat it. The child explained he had been sent by heaven to be their son. The couple named him Momotaro, from momo (peach) and taro (eldest son in the family). Years later, Momotaro left to fight a band of marauding oni (ogres) on a distant island and during his quest he carried the flag depicting two lines. Momotaro won a victory and came back to the old couple to live with them happy ever after. In the folklore, the two lines represented Momotaro's courage and loyalty.

The "Momotaro" folklore is in the spirits of the people in Okayama. The two lines painted on the "Going to Battle" series denim represent the Okayama tradition of hard work and artisanship. The two lines also symbolize the courage and loyalty of the Okayama hero "Momotaro." The two lines represent the generations of knowledge, expertise, and hard work artisanship that make many of the Japanese products we love so great.


Japan Blue x Momotaro "Going to Battle" 14.8oz Raw Selvedge Denim

The Japan Blue x Momotaro "Going to Battle" denim series features many of the same design features used on the "Going to Battle" Momotaro line, including the 2 white "warrior" stripes on the back right pocket. The "Going to Battle" stripes are a symbol of Japanese tradition representing honor and strength. Theses warrior stripes have been used in many contexts in Japanese history and culture. One of the most well known associations is from the Japanese folklore story of "Momotaro" who carried a flag with two white stripes as he left to battle a band of marauding Oni (ogres) on a distant island who terrorized the region. These two lines have multiple meaning to the Japanese people and to Rampuya which will discuss further in a more dedicated blog post, today we introduce the denim.

Japan Blue x Momotaro "Going to Battle" 14.8oz skinny straight raw selvedge denim. Model 0100SP. Sizes 29-34, 36. 100% cotton. Made in Japan. $200. For more information on the Japan Blue x Momotaro 0100SP, click here.

Japan Blue's "skinny straight" denim fit is slim in the top block, has a low rise, runs slim in the leg, and tapers from the thigh to the leg opening. This is currently the slimmest fit offered by either Japan Blue or Momotaro.

Japan Blue x Momotaro "Going to Battle" 14.8oz tight straight raw selvedge denim. Model 0100SP. Sizes 29-34, 36. 100% cotton. Made in Japan. $200. For more information on the Japan Blue x Momotaro 0700SP, click here.

Japan Blue's "tight straight" denim fit is slim in the top block, has a medium rise, runs slim in the leg, and tapers slightly towards the leg opening. Japan Blue's "tight straight" fit is the same "tight straight" fit used in the Momotaro line.

This denim series uses a 14.8oz sanforized raw selvedge denim fabric which has been rope dyed in pure indigo. The fabric is 100% cotton right hand twill with a red & white selvedge.

Contrasting pink thread is used along the inseam. The use of a contrast inseam color is a common feature in both Momotaro and Japan Blue denims. The pink color represents the peach from the "Momotaro" folklore story.

Hidden coin pocket selvedge.

Momotaro/Rampuya custom engraved brushed nickel buttons.

Momotaro copper rivets with the Momotaro peach logo on the back side.

Button fly.

Cowhide leather patch.