Vintage Machinery: Union Special 43200G in Action!

At the early stages of the denim production, industrial sewing machines such as those produced by the company "Union Special" were used. These machines were slow and labor intensive to operate, but produced very unique characteristics in the way the denim was produced which cannot be replicated. In the late 1970's, newer equipments which were faster and easy to operate replaced these vintage sewing machines as mass production became the mainstream style of producing denim. But, these newer sewing machines had different structure from the vintage sewing machine, which is why there are some differences in a skew or buckering around the chain stitched part.

The Union Special 43200G is a particular model used for chainstitch construction. These vintage machines are still some of the strongest machines out there and highly sought after worldwide. Because of its unique pushing and pulling style of sewing, it is indispensable. This "push" and "pull" creates directional pressure and is used to sew areas along the waistband, hem, and other parts of the denim. Along the hem, the directional pressure will create a roping affect, and it is this "roping" makes the machine so special.

The above video shows a Union Special 43200G in action. The process of hemming using a Union Special takes time, a careful hand, and a little experience. We offer chainstitch hemming for our customers using the same model Union Special 43200G as shown in this video. For more information on our chainstitch hemming service, pleas click here.