Now in Pink! Spellbound Washed Cotton Premium Oxford Button Down in Pink

Spellbound's Premium Oxford shirts have been very popular among our customers and we have been lucky enough to restock all colors and add a new color, pink.

Spellbound washed cotton premium Oxford button down in pink. 100% cotton. Sizes 2, 3, 4. Made in Japan. $185. For more information on the Spellbound premium Oxford in pink, click here.

Corozo buttons used throughout. Like all Spellbound shirts, the bottom button is different to add a playful element. There is a spare button in white that can be used to change out if you prefer all like color buttons.

The premium Oxford fabric is crisp, yet very soft to the touch, breathable, and comfortable. The fabric has been pre-washed for a natural wrinkled look.

Notice the intricate basket weave structure of the Oxford fabric.

Chain-stitch run off along vents.

Subtle red stitching along the back just below the collar.

Now the Spellbound Premium Oxford is fully stocked in all sizes in all 3 colors: Light Blue, Off-White, and Pink.