Denim Glossary: Why Zimbabwe Cotton?

Zimbabwe cotton is recognized as one of the best quality cotton types in the world. Harvested only by hand, it doesn’t get damaged and is not mixed with impurities. Zimbabwe cotton has a well-proportioned fiber structure and characteristics such as a high luster and whitening, in addition to good pliability and dyeing. Denim labels such as Momotaro and Kicking Mule Workshop have chosen 100% Zimbabwe cotton to make their denim for these very reasons. Basically, in order to make a pair of quality jeans, the cotton is a very important factor in determining the softness of the fabric, the color after dyeing, the strength, and how the denim wears.

Quality cotton, such as Zimbabwe cotton, provides better durability than cheap and hard cotton. It also creates a good natural proportioned slub yarn which can influence the vertical fade and adds to the charm of the jeans. This is why, Zimbabwe cotton is recognized for beautiful vertical fading similar to vintage denim looks. Momotaro and KMW both have become pioneers in the use of 100% Zimbabwe cotton and their denims stand out as some of the best in the world.