Introducing Momotaro Denim: Coming June 2011

When thinking about Momotaro; People always imagine Okayama. When thinking about Okayama; People always imagine Jeans. Japanese jeans are beloved and respected all over the world for their detailed works of dyeing, weaving, sewing, and washing, and have become the best in the world strictly with artisanal spirits. This summer, we are excited to introduce one of the founders of Japanese denim, Momotaro.

The birth place of Japanese Denim is Kojima, where artisans have been creating the best denim in the world by strictly sticking to the traditional low-technology, which today is seldom used. Even with their hands always in Indigo blue, they have been seeking ways to find the best cotton, yarn and the blue (color) for denim, thus going beyond the limits of traditional fabric production. Making their dreams come true, Momotaro Jeans was born in Kojima-Okayama.