Denim Fades + Repair Work: Sugar Cane SEXSC06 Limited Edition Raw Selvedge Denim

Back in 2008, we carried a limited edition denim by Sugar Cane, the SEXSC06 raw selvedge. Our friend and customer Ben from Washington DC recently sent us his SEXSC06 to do some of our in house repair work. The denim has such beautiful fades, that we could not resist to show it off. Ben has worn this denim for 18 months with 5 washes and 3 hot soaks. Nice fades Ben!

The fabric is a 13oz slack weave with a 50/50 cotton and sugar cane fiber blend and as you can see produced some beautiful fades with extensive wear.
As I mentioned before, Ben sent us the denim to do some of our in house repair work. We never try to make the denim look new, but rather lived in. On this denim we rebuilt the yolk and reinforced the crotch.
For the crotch repair, we used a fleece inter-facing and went over with a lock-stitch machine to reinforce the area where the denim fabric had worn through from wear. The inter-facing is soft, comfortable and will hold up well to washes and further wear. We try to use thread matching the current indigo color of the surface.
We also reconstructed the yolk by going over the area with a lock-stitch machine and a Union Special.
We used the fleece inter-facing along the interior of the yolk.