Man of Moods Dyed & Pigment Dyed #16 "Mura-Ito" Thread Oxford Cotton Work Pant in Black

Man of Moods signature work pants are made every season, and each season they change the fabric composition with something even more inventive and technologically advanced compared to the prior. This season MofM has developed an oxford cotton fabric featuring a #16 "mura-ito" thread which is a thread that has random thickness and creates dimensions in the fabric. This fabric is dyed and then pigment dyed resulting in a natural feel with further depth and characteristics. This fabric is comfortable, soft to the touch, and perfect for all year wear.
Man of Moods dyed & pigment dyed #16 "mura-ito" thread oxford cotton work pant in black. 100% cotton. Sizes 1, 2, 3. Made in Japan. $295. For more information of the MofM "mura-ito" oxford cotton work pant in black, click here.

The pant features its slim silhouette which has a casual appeal, yet is dressy and can be worn for virtually any occasion. The fit is slim in the thigh and tapers towards the knee and then widens slightly from the knee towards the leg opening creating the defining silhouette.

Front button closure, 2 front pockets, 2 back pockets with flaps and button closure, and 2 decorative and functional leg pockets also with flap and cotton closure.