Man of Moods CM 100/2 Broad Cotton Slim Button Down in Black

One of Man of Moods many strengths are button downs. MofM button downs consistently feature intriguing fabrics made with the newest techniques available. This button down from our MofM s/s 2011 shipment features a CM 100/2 broad cotton fabric made with tightly woven thin-tread cotton giving the fabric strength, polished texture, and luxurious finish.

Man of Moods CM 100/2 broad cotton slim button down in black. 100% cotton. Sizes 1, 2, 3. Made in Japan. $255. For more information on the MofM CM 100/2 broad cotton button down, click here.

MOP buttons, pointed collar, clean design.

Elegant and easy to wear for any occasion. Shown above with Naked & Famous skinny guy deep indigo denim and MofM S/S 2011 suit jacket which will be posted soon.