Naked & Famous "Slow Vintage" Loopwheeled Hoodies - Their Back!

Back in stock - - Naked & Famous "slow vintage" hoodies. These hoodies sold very quickly when they first arrived and we are happy to more available.

The Naked & Famous "slow vintage" hoodies are made with loopwheeled fabric produced on vintage tsuri circular knitting machines (loopwheel machines) from the late 1800's. These machines work very slowly and are labor intensive, but as a result produce the softest cotton fabrics. The loopwheeled fabric is made by the artisans in Wakayama, Japan and then shipped to Canada where Naked & Famous sew the fabrics into their slim hoodies.

Naked & Famous "slow vintage" slim hoodie in charcoal. 100% cotton. Fabric made in Japan. Assembled in Canada. Size XS-L. $142. For more information on the Naked & Famous "slow vintage" slim hoodie in charcoal, click here.
The Naked & Famous "slow vintage" hoodies are available to order via special order as well in different sizes and different colors. Sizing goes up to XXL and we recommend sizing down 1. All of the colors available include charcoal, gray, navy, and red. We currently carry charcoal and gray. Please e-mail inquiries for colors or sizes that we do not currently stock.