Domingo Store in Kojima, Japan - Spellbound, Omnigod, DMG

Later this spring, we will introduce our first label by Domingo, SPELLBOUND, and we are taking this opportunity to tell a bit more about Domingo and their concept. Domingo co, ltd has a long history of Japanese craftsmanship. It is a family owned business originally established in 1946 as a uniform manufacture and in 1970 turned their focus towards denim and casual wear for both men and women. Domingo's labels include SPELLBOUND, Omnigod, and DMG and can be found in select shops, department stores and their own flag stores throughout Japan as well as several locations internationally.

D-Mall is one of Domingo's flagship stores which opened early 2010 and is located in Kojima, Japan. Below are several photos recently taken at D-Mall.

All of Domingo's labels are available at D-Mall. Spellbound's focus is men's designs. DMG concentrates on women's stylings. Omnigod incorporates both men's and women's. Each of Domingo's labels share the concept of placing value on materials, sewing, processing and the workmanship of generations of Japanese artisans. All Domingo products are made in Japan with a goal to add "present-innovation" to their creations. We will stock Spellbound beginning this spring. DMG and Omingod we anticipate carrying in the near future.
Hemming services available.