Denim Fades: Mr. Olive 13oz Raw Selvedge Slim Tapered Denim in Indigo

To the denim enthusiast, raw denim is a living artwork symbolizing hard work, endurance, and time. Raw denim is a denim fabric that has never been washed or processed after being dyed during production. Through the process of wear, fading patterns and abrasions will develop and achieve natural distressing that is unique to the wearer. Thus, raw denim will become map of the wearer's body and a story of the wearer.

This is my personal denim. It is a pair of Mr. Olive 13oz raw selvedge tapered denim. This denim has been worn daily for approximately 7 months and just washed for the first time. Below are some photos showing some of the wear patterns and distressing.
Loss of indigo occurs in areas that see more use or wear such as along the front pockets and knees. Notice how the color is much lighter indigo when up close.
Folds and creasing developed along thigh and loss of indigo along pockets.
The belt is a vegetable tanned washed leather belt in brown by Eagle of Independence which has been worn daily for over 2 years. Click here to see more details on the belt.
Loss of indigo at knee and creasing.
Back side. Notice the creasing behind the back of the leg.
Close up of wear patterns on back of leg.

7 months of wear, first wash at 7 months. Wash was a cold wash using minimal detergent and a hang dry. I continue to wear this denim and will post after 1 years time.
Here is a photograph to see the denim as brand new: Mr. Olive 13oz raw selvedge slim tapered denim in indigo. 100% cotton. Made in Japan. $265. Click here for more details.