SPELLBOUND by Domingo Ltd - Spring 2011 Collection Just Arrived!

SPELLBOUND is a Japanese men's collection by Domingo Ltd. SPELLBOUND is influenced by details found in traditional work wear, military wear, and outdoor wear and reconstruct them into men's fashion with modern designs and clean silhouettes. 100% of the label is made and designed in Japan by Japanese artisans. The label was established in 1981 by Domingo Ltd which also makes other well know Japanese labels such as OMNIGOD and DMG.

Our first shipment from SPELLBOUND spring 2011 collection literally just arrived and we are busy taking measurements, photographs, and preparing to place everything online very soon. Here is a quick sneak peak of just a couple items.

Naked & Famous "Slow Vintage" Loopwheeled Hoodies - Their Back!

Back in stock - - Naked & Famous "slow vintage" hoodies. These hoodies sold very quickly when they first arrived and we are happy to more available.

The Naked & Famous "slow vintage" hoodies are made with loopwheeled fabric produced on vintage tsuri circular knitting machines (loopwheel machines) from the late 1800's. These machines work very slowly and are labor intensive, but as a result produce the softest cotton fabrics. The loopwheeled fabric is made by the artisans in Wakayama, Japan and then shipped to Canada where Naked & Famous sew the fabrics into their slim hoodies.

Naked & Famous "slow vintage" slim hoodie in charcoal. 100% cotton. Fabric made in Japan. Assembled in Canada. Size XS-L. $142. For more information on the Naked & Famous "slow vintage" slim hoodie in charcoal, click here.
The Naked & Famous "slow vintage" hoodies are available to order via special order as well in different sizes and different colors. Sizing goes up to XXL and we recommend sizing down 1. All of the colors available include charcoal, gray, navy, and red. We currently carry charcoal and gray. Please e-mail inquiries for colors or sizes that we do not currently stock.


Momotaro x Naked & Famous Collaboration "Skinny Guy" Selvedge Denim - Final Shipment!

Our final shipment of the limited edition collaboration Momotaro x Naked & Famous "skinny guy" denim is on the way. We were able to get a few more pairs of this special collaboration and all sizes are available once again (sizes 28-36), but once they sell through they will no longer be available.
Momotaro x Naked & Famous collaboration "skinny guy" selvedge denim in indigo. 100% cotton. Sizes 28-36. Made in Japan. $275. For more information about the collaboration denim, click here.

The Momotaro x Naked & Famous collaboration denim combines the efforts of both labels using the artisan craftsmanship of Momotaro and the slim silhouette fits of Naked & Famous. This collaboration denim uses the Naked & Famous "skinny guy" cut which has a medium rise and is slim through out the legs as it tapers from mid thigh to the leg opening. Inseams are extra long at 39". One detail noticed from the side is the signature Momotaro purple stitching located along the inseams.
Slim throughout the legs. Model is 6' and 165 lbs wearing size 32. Model wears 31 in most Naked & Famous skinny guy denims. For assistance with sizing, please contact us.
The fabric is a 14oz sanforized Japanese selvedge denim. The denim is constructed by Momotaro using Momotaro's signature features included Momotaro engraved buttons and rivets, hidden back pocket rivets, and chainstitched hems and waist bands. The leather patch, tags, and interior lining features logos and details from both brands.
Deep indigo color, 15oz fabric. Notice the purple stitching along the interior of the leg.


Left Field White Oak Cone Amercian Raw Selvedge Denim - Spring 2011 Edition

Introducing the spring 2011 edition of Left Field's flagship denim - Left Field White Oak Cone American raw selvedge denim. This season's fit has been slightly modified to include a slightly higher rise (but still a medium rise), longer inseams, and a more defined slim straight fit. Left Field is also using a new factory on all denim. The new factory is in the USA and makes denim for other labels such as LVC and RRL. Left Field's denim has always been at the highest standard, but this new factory makes the construction and details even better.

Left Field White Oak Cone American raw selvedge slim straight denim in indigo. 100% cotton. One wash. Made in the USA. Sizes 28-36. $175. For more information on the Left Field White Oak Cone denim, click here.

The fabric is a white colored 3.5oz selvedge denim from Cone Mills in North Caroline, USA. The fabric is one wash (cold soaked and already pre-shrunk to size) and ready to wear.

Previous seasons had the coin pocket slightly higher and on the waist band. It is now lower.

Custom engraved Scovill copper rivets and hardware is used throughout.

USA made bandanas are used as the pocket bags. Hidden back pocket rivets.

Scovill USA rivets.

Calf leather patch.

Extra long inseams at 38" to allow enough room for cuffing and stacking. Chainstitched hems as well as the waist band. Chainstitching is available with a Union Special on purchases through Blue Owl.

Left Field's standard fit is slim straight with a medium rise. Runs slim in the thigh and is straight from the knee to the leg opening.


Left Field Nisshinbo Mills 15oz Japanese Deep Indigo Selvedge Slim Straight Denim

Introducing our newest addition from the Left Field denim collection - - Left Field Nisshinbo Mills 15oz Japanese deep indigo selvedge slim straight denim.

The fabric is a 15oz Japanese selvedge from Nisshinbo Mills in Japan featuring the deep indigo color and surface with a hairy texture (hairs from cotton along surface have not been singed) giving the fabric depth and character. The denim is one wash (cold soaked post production and pre-shrunk for size in factory) thus ready to wear and should not expect additional shrinkage when washed. The denim is cut & sewn in the USA.
Left Field Nisshinbo Mills 15oz Japanese deep indigo selvedge slim straight denim. 100% cotton. Made in USA. Available in sizes 28-36. One wash. $210. For more information on the Left Field Nisshinbo Mills 15oz Japanese deep indigo selvedge denim, click here.

This denim features Left Field's standard slim straight fit which is slim throughout the thigh and is straight leg from the knee to the leg opening with a medium rise. Inseams on this model run long at 38" allowing for cuffing or stacking. Chainstitch hemming is available for shorter inseam length.

Clean design, slim silhouette.
Red and white selvedge. Chainstitched hems.

Pocket bags use USA bandanas that are blue on the interior, red on the exterior (red can be seen inside the denim), and are heavy duty and made to last. Scovill copper rivets are custom engraved with Left Field logos.

Calf leather patch.

Left Field Nisshinbo Mills 15oz Japanese deep indigo selvedge slim straight denim.


Left Field x Blue Owl Workshop Kaihara Mills "Rainbow" Japanese Selvedge Slim Straight Denim

Introducing the first collaborative effort between Left Field and Blue Owl Workshop - - Kaihara Mills "Rainbow" Japanese selvedge slim straight denim.

This collaboration denim features a 14oz orange and yellow colored selvedge fabric from Kaihara mill in Japan. The fabric is rope dyed in pure indigo and has a tremendous amount of depth and character due to the uneven yarns and natural weave creating the slubby texture. The denim is cut & sewn in the USA using Left Field's inspiration of using vintage details with modern fit and design. This is a limited production.

Left Field x Blue Owl Workshop Kaihara Mills "rainbow" Japanese selvedge slim straight denim. One wash. 100% cotton. Made in USA. Limited production. Available in sizes 28-36. $215. For more information of the Left Field x Blue Owl Workshop Kaihara Mills collaboration denim, click here.

This collaboration uses Left Field's standard vintage details and classic fit. The fit is slim straight which is slim in the thigh and straight from the knee down with a medium rise. Inseams run long at 38" providing enough length for cuffing and stacking.

The fabric has tremendous depth and character due to the slubby texture which can be seen on the weft and the surface of the fabric. The weight is 14oz and perfect for all seasons. Hems are chainstitched using vintage Union Special. Inseams run long at 38". For shorter inseams, Blue Owl does provide free chainstitch hemming with a Union Special.

Pocket bags use USA made bandanas which are blue on the inside and red on the exterior (as shown above and below). The bandanas are heavy duty 100% cotton and made to last.

Hidden back pocket rivets. USA made bandana used as pocket bags.

Left Field custom engraved Scovill copper rivets and hardware used throughout.
Calf leather patch.
Left Field x Blue Owl Workshop Kaihara Mills "rainbow" Japanese slim straight selvedge denim.


Videos Showing Japanese Selvedge Denim Being Made and Shuttle Looms in Action!

These videos were recently taken inside a Japanese denim mill in Okayama, Japan. Watch these vintage shuttle looms in action as they produce selvedge denim.

This video shows a general view within the denim making factory of the many vintage shuttle looms producing selvedge denim fabrics.

Final 2 videos show denim fabric being made for an upcoming project for Shinichi Haraki, designer of Triple Works and Iron Heart. Hakari observes closely as his selvedge denim is being made.

Videos provided by Giles at Iron Heart, United Kingdom.


Shuttle Looms - Japanese Selvedge Denim and American Culture

Shuttle looms were used to produce selvedge denim fabrics in the early 1900's, but as the popularity of denim rose in the 1930's through 1950's, denim mills stopped producing selvedge denim and switched to projectile looms, which were much faster and used less fabric per pair of pants (i.e., mass production). Thus, the shuttle looms were deemed archaic, costly, and time consuming. Japanese companies purchased many of these old machines off of American mills and continue the tradition of making selvedge denim.

The shuttle loom produces selvedge denim as the weft (horizontal thread) is weaved back and forth continuously in a loop, the full length of the machine. When the weft reaches the edge of the machine, it loops back in and starts the process all over again, creating a closed selvedge edge. In contrast, modern projectile loom produces open edges that need to be stitched together, as the weft is weaved only one way (not in a loop).

Who would have thought those ancient shuttle loom machines would once again be on a spotlight half a century later as the producers of high-end denim? And it was the Japanese artisans, who carried on the denim making as it existed in the early 1900's America — the very fabric of American culture.

These vintage shuttle looms continue to make selvedge denim in Okayama, Japan and produce many of the denim fabrics used by our designers. The fabric above is one of the newest projects by Hakari-san, designer of Triple Works and Iron Heart. We will soon see it sewn into denim!


Domingo Store in Kojima, Japan - Spellbound, Omnigod, DMG

Later this spring, we will introduce our first label by Domingo, SPELLBOUND, and we are taking this opportunity to tell a bit more about Domingo and their concept. Domingo co, ltd has a long history of Japanese craftsmanship. It is a family owned business originally established in 1946 as a uniform manufacture and in 1970 turned their focus towards denim and casual wear for both men and women. Domingo's labels include SPELLBOUND, Omnigod, and DMG and can be found in select shops, department stores and their own flag stores throughout Japan as well as several locations internationally.

D-Mall is one of Domingo's flagship stores which opened early 2010 and is located in Kojima, Japan. Below are several photos recently taken at D-Mall.

All of Domingo's labels are available at D-Mall. Spellbound's focus is men's designs. DMG concentrates on women's stylings. Omnigod incorporates both men's and women's. Each of Domingo's labels share the concept of placing value on materials, sewing, processing and the workmanship of generations of Japanese artisans. All Domingo products are made in Japan with a goal to add "present-innovation" to their creations. We will stock Spellbound beginning this spring. DMG and Omingod we anticipate carrying in the near future.
Hemming services available.